Motions to Revoke In San Antonio, Texas

If you are facing a motion to revoke, you should be aware of what a motion to revoke means and what the potential consequences of such a motion might be. When the State files a motion to revoke, the State is requesting that a person’s probation be ended. The State will allege certain violations in the motion as the basis for that request.

A Motion to Revoke does not necessarily mean that a person will automatically end up in jail or prison, however it should be taken very seriously with knowledge that the risk of that happening is there.

If you are facing a Motion to Revoke, the first thing you should do is be sure you are in full compliance with all the conditions of your probation. The last thing that you want happening is providing more reasons why your probation should be taken away. Representation at a hearing for revocation is upmost important so you want to be sure you have an experienced attorney to provide you with the best possible options for your case.