San Antonio criminal defense attorney, Jesus R. Lopez prides himself in defending the rights of individuals accused of crimes in Bexar County. The help of a criminal defense attorney is impeccable to defending your legal rights. If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime in San Antonio, Texas, or Bexar County, or if you have learned that you may be the subject of a criminal investigation, the most important decision you can make is choosing a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer who will represent you in fighting against these charges….or in putting a halt to the investigation. We also offer 24 hour by phone bail bond service. Our bail bonds start at only 2% down. We can assist in situations where a person is being held on a no bond or where they are remanded without bond.

These are the areas where San Antonio criminal defense lawyer, Jesus R. Lopez, can help:

Assault and Battery
Weapons Offenses
Sex Offenses
Arson and Criminal Mischief
Burglary and Trespass
Theft and Dealing in Stolen Property
Child Abuse
Forgery & Worthless Checks
Obstruction of Justice
Drug Offenses
Sealing and Expunging


Being accused of a crime is a serious matter. A criminal conviction on your record will have long-standing and devastating consequences for you and your family. It is important that your criminal defense attorney have experience in aggressively litigating in the courtroom. A criminal case can expose people to prison, jail, deportation, as well as the loss of a job, the ability to drive, vote, or own a gun. A criminal case not properly handled can destroy everything you have worked for your entire life. A good criminal defense lawyer understands that the criminal justice system can be a confusing and frightening process. A lawyer that can help you make sense of it all and explain the criminal law process in a way you can understand is a necessity. Attorney Jesus R. Lopez takes each criminal defense case with a unique individual perspective to determine how the case can be won.

If you are ready to have a competent lawyer review your legal situation, contact San Antonio criminal defense attorney, Jesus R. Lopez 24 hours a day at 210-224-5245. Our criminal defense law firm,Law Offices of Jesus R. Lopez, is ready to serve you. We strive to be different from other criminal defense firms. Our top priority is being there for you when you need us. Many other firms out there aren’t available when you call. We are ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are accused of a crime and the police are investigating you, time is of the essence. Every moment counts. We have a very high success rate when it comes to preventing criminal accusations from turning into formal charges and shutting down criminal investigations. We are able to do this because we move quickly, and we never stop working.